Who is Old Mill Building Products?

Old Mill Brick is now Old Mill Building Products

Old Mill Building Products is a trailblazer in the building and design sector, offering the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for thin brick installations for both residential and commercial projects. Our reputation as an industry innovator is anchored on our patented Panel+ system and Brickwebb product line, both of which embody our commitment to high-quality, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing building solutions.

Our Panel+ system, an exclusive and patented foam-panel solution, provides continuous insulation, meeting the highest standards of energy efficiency. With an impressive R-value of 4.7 per inch of thickness, it's geared to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the construction industry, making it the trusted choice for architects and builders across sectors.

Complementing our Panel+ system is our patented Brickwebb, an ingenious mosaic of thin bricks engineered for efficient and easy installation. Brickwebb isn't just a product, but a revolutionary methodology designed to streamline construction and design processes, while delivering the timeless appeal and durability of brick.

Old Mill Building Products stands alongside architects, builders, and design professionals in the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries, offering more than just products - we provide comprehensive solutions that transform visions into realities. We continue to innovate, research, and provide exceptional customer service, earning our status as a trusted thought leader and partner in the construction industry.

Join us to discover how our advanced building solutions can elevate your next project. Follow our page for the latest in industry trends, company news, and thought-provoking content. With Old Mill Building Products, let's construct greener, more efficient, and more stunning spaces, together.