How does the Brickwebb system differ from traditional brick installation methods?

Brickwebb offers a hassle-free and cost-effective solution, with its web sheeting technology ensuring perfect spacing without the need for separate spacers.

  1. Mesh-Mounted System: Brickwebb utilizes a patented mesh-mounted system, where genuine kiln-fired clay bricks are pre-mounted onto a web sheeting. This eliminates the need to lay each brick individually.

  2. Elimination of Spacers: Thanks to the web sheeting technology, Brickwebb ensures perfect spacing between bricks, eliminating the need for separate spacers.

  3. Versatile Application: With Brickwebb, bricks can be applied to almost any surface, broadening the scope of where brick aesthetics can be introduced.

  4. Faster Installation: The pre-mounted system and elimination of spacers make the installation process faster and more streamlined compared to traditional brick-laying.

  5. Enhanced Durability: Brickwebb promises longevity and maintenance of its beauty for years due to the use of genuine kiln-fired clay brick.

  6. Ease of Cutting: The system is designed for easy cutting, requiring just an angle grinder or a wet tile saw.

  7. Simplified Detailing: Brickwebb can be used alongside individual thin brick flats and corners, offering more design versatility without added complication.